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Feb 28

Home-made Croissants


Croissants are very delicious. They are not the best food if you are trying to lose weight. But don`t forget  that the Frenchmen have them for breakfast on regular basis and they are maybe the thinnest nations of all.  This is probably due  to the fact that they adore red whine which in moderate consumption is known …

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Feb 25

Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup

  Mushrooms are low-calorie, delicious food. They contain a cocktail of vitamins (B and D) and micro-elements (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc etc.)   So they should be a part of our menu. I recommend this mushroom soup recipe that I learned from my father. Ingredients:  250 gr. (about 9 oz.) of field mushrooms; 1 middle-sized onion, 3 tbsp. of …

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Feb 23

Grated salad with potatoes, eggs and yellow cheese

grated salad with eggs and potatoes

This salad is too easy to prepare and it is also very effective and delicious. When I have guests it always finishes first. Ingredients: 400-500 gr. /1 pound/ potatoes,150-200 gr. /3-3,5 oz/ yellow cheese, 3-4 eggs For the sauce: 1/2 package of mayonnaise, 100 gr /2,5 oz./ of yoghurt, 1 tsp. of mustard /if you like it/   Preparation instructions: …

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Feb 21

Caramel Cream-Pudding

burned sugar caramel cream pudding

This recipe is also called “burned sugar cream” I should admit that this dessert is not recommendable when we try to loose weight, but it is comparatively light and we could use brown sugar to prepare it. You could eat it in the morning or before training or making exercises in order to burn the extra calories. …

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Feb 19

Delicious Home-made Cake

Home-made fruit cake

This cake is one of my favorite. It is so delicious! Most of the people who taste it for the first time, always ask for the recipe. Some of our guests that can`t even cook  write down the preparation details and the ingredients. Probably they wanted  their wives or mothers to prepare the cake for them. Anyway, this is …

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Feb 17

Golden Goat Cheese Circles

golden goat cheese circles

This easy and effective appetizer is one of my favorite. It goes well with red wine so I recommend it for this season.  Besides goat cheese you can use any other kind you like. Preparation instructions: Cut the cheese using special circle shape or a small glass. Beat up 2 eggs and dip the cheese circles in it. Then …

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Feb 14

Spinach Salad

Spinach salad with lemon, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives

This is an interesting recipe, which is really delicious and healthy. It is like a fresh cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, micro-elements. This salad might be a good addition to your holiday table  or you could make it for your family as everyday meal. It goes well with fish, light meat, cheese and wine. This recipe is effective, easy …

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Feb 12

Tomato Cream Soup

Tomato cream soup

This recipe is one of my favourite and is a very healthy one too. This soup is a great combination of vitamins, and precious micro-elements and fiber. It is refreshing and strengthens our immune system. It is amazing that tomatoes preserve their antioxidant properties even after thermal processing. They are also considered as the perfect food to protect us from malignant disease, especially …

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Feb 10

Light Fruit Dessert

fruit dessert

This recipe is for a light and low-calorie dessert. It is also extravagant, but not too expensive or hard to prepare. You can make it for special guests if you want to amaze them. The original recipe is from Fiesta TV, but I changed it according to my family`s taste. I wanted to make it …

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Feb 08

Zucchini soup

This recipe I learned from my mother. She makes it usually  in the summer and early autumn when there are a lot of fresh zucchini in the garden of our village house. But It could be prepared either from fresh or frozen vegetables. It is one of my favourite –  easy to prepare, healthy and fresh. It is also …

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