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Apr 04

Easy Dessert – Baked Pears

Baked pears with honey and wine

Everybody would like to prepare something sweet, effective and delicious for special guests or for his family. I just prepared a nice and healthy fruit dessert. It is really very tempting. I used ripe pears. I cut them in two pieces, peeled them and removed the seeds, but kept the stalks. You could leave the …

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Mar 26


Cheesecake with cream cheese and sour cream

This cheesecake recipe is prepared with cream cheese. Its taste is delicate and not too sweet.  Ingredients for cheesecake`s base: 2 cups of ground biscuits, 1 ½ cups of butter, 1 ½ cups of ground walnuts Preparation instructions: Mix the ingredients with the cold butter, make a ball and leave it in the fridge at least for half …

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Mar 06

Light, delicious and dietetic dessert

Light cream-fruit dietetic dessert

This recipe besides being delicious and dietetic is also not an expensive one. Everybody could prepare it even someone that have never been in the kitchen. As you may see on the pictures, this dessert looks just amazing!   Ingredients: 1 sour cream – 400 gr. /14 ounces/, the same quantity of yoghurt, 1 pine-apple can, 1 pack of …

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Feb 28

Home-made Croissants


Croissants are very delicious. They are not the best food if you are trying to lose weight. But don`t forget  that the Frenchmen have them for breakfast on regular basis and they are maybe the thinnest nations of all.  This is probably due  to the fact that they adore red whine which in moderate consumption is known …

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Feb 21

Caramel Cream-Pudding

burned sugar caramel cream pudding

This recipe is also called “burned sugar cream” I should admit that this dessert is not recommendable when we try to loose weight, but it is comparatively light and we could use brown sugar to prepare it. You could eat it in the morning or before training or making exercises in order to burn the extra calories. …

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Feb 19

Delicious Home-made Cake

Home-made fruit cake

This cake is one of my favorite. It is so delicious! Most of the people who taste it for the first time, always ask for the recipe. Some of our guests that can`t even cook  write down the preparation details and the ingredients. Probably they wanted  their wives or mothers to prepare the cake for them. Anyway, this is …

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Feb 10

Light Fruit Dessert

fruit dessert

This recipe is for a light and low-calorie dessert. It is also extravagant, but not too expensive or hard to prepare. You can make it for special guests if you want to amaze them. The original recipe is from Fiesta TV, but I changed it according to my family`s taste. I wanted to make it …

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Jan 24

Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse

Recently I received a very delicious gift from a friend of mine that works in a confectionery company. She gave me three big pieces of  dark chocolate. What a nice surprise!Scenes from “Chocolate”movie /with Johnny Depp/ pop up in my head in this very moment. Whoever has watched it knows what I am talking about!  So I decided to go in the kitchen and …

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