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Mar 19

Easy Home-made Cheese Pastry – Banitsa

Home-made cheese banitsa with filo pastry

This is a specific recipe for the Balkan Peninsula region. It is prepared from filo pastry. That name comes from the Greek word for “leaf”. In my country – Bulgaria we call this meal “banitsa”.   The Turkish dessert  “baklava” and the Greek tiropita are prepared from the same layered pastry.   If you don`t make by yourself the filo …

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Feb 28

Home-made Croissants


Croissants are very delicious. They are not the best food if you are trying to lose weight. But don`t forget  that the Frenchmen have them for breakfast on regular basis and they are maybe the thinnest nations of all.  This is probably due  to the fact that they adore red whine which in moderate consumption is known …

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