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Easy Home-made Cheese Pastry – Banitsa

Home-made cheese banitsa with filo pastry

Home-made cheese pastry

This is a specific recipe for the Balkan Peninsula region. It is prepared from filo pastry. That name comes from the Greek word for “leaf”. In my country – Bulgaria we call this meal “banitsa”.

  The Turkish dessert  “baklava” and the Greek tiropita are prepared from the same layered pastry.

  If you don`t make by yourself the filo leaves and just buy them from the supermarket, this recipe is so easy to prepare. It is also very delicious and effective.

  I will share the secrets of preparing filo pastry at home in one of the next articles. Now check out what you need for the banitsa:


1 pack of filo pastry – 400 gr.

3-4 eggs

350-400 gr. (12-14 oz.) of cheese

1 cup of lemonade /ок. 120-130 ml./

about 40 ml. of vegetable oil


Home-made cheese banitsa with filo pastry

Home-made cheese pastry

Preparation instructions:

Whisk the eggs. Add the crumbled cheese, the oil and the lemonade.  Oil the baking dish and put one of the filo pastry leaves at the bottom. Cover it with 3-4 tbsp of the filling. Spread it evenly. Then repeat this until you run out of leaves. It is a good idea to pleat them to fit in your backing dish. Put some butter at the top and spread it. Bake it in preheat oven for about 30-40 minutes. Enjoy!!!

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