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Chicken soup – secret ingredients


Vegetables for chicken soup

Vegetables for chicken soup

  Which are the secret ingredients of a perfect soup? For me it is clear –  fresh vegetables of all possible colours – green, yellow, orange, red, white etc.

  Every colour shows the presence of different healthy components. If you cook during winter it is a good idea to use mainly frozen – not canned vegetables.

Check out this delicious recipe.

Chicken soup


Vegetables for chicken soup

Vegetables for chicken soup

2 whole chicken legs
1-2 middle-sized carrots
1-2 middle-sized peppers
1 onion
vegetable oil, salt
and black pepper
parsley and/or celery
1 egg, citron powder

You might also want to add: savory and tomato juice

 Preparation instructions:

Boil the chicken legs and remove the foam. Add the spices and the vegetable – finely cut. Leave it boiling about 30 minutes. Take out the chicken legs and bone them.  Then cut the meat and put it back in the sauce pan. Add the vermicelli and in 15-20 minutes pour in 4-5 tbsp. of tomato juice. After 5 minutes remove the soup from the hot-plate and add the greens – parsley or celery. Beat up one egg with a pinch of citron powder and add it slowly after 20 minutes, when the soup cools up a little.

Delicious, delicious, delicious! Enjoy!

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