Feb 23

Grated salad with potatoes, eggs and yellow cheese

grated salad with eggs and potatoesThis salad is too easy to prepare and it is also very effective and delicious. When I have guests it always finishes first.

Ingredients400-500 gr. /1 pound/ potatoes,150-200 gr. /3-3,5 oz/ yellow cheese, 3-4 eggs

For the sauce: 1/2 package of mayonnaise, 100 gr /2,5 oz./ of yoghurt, 1 tsp. of mustard /if you like it/


Preparation instructions:

Stir the yoghurt, the maionnayse, and the mustard. Boil the eggs and the potatoes in salty water. Peel them. In a big bowl grate one layer potatoes, one layer of yellow cheese and one layer of eggs. Spread some of the yoghurt-mayonnaise sause over any of the layers.grated salad with eggs and potatoes














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