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Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse

Delicious chocolate mousse

Recently I received a very delicious gift from a friend of mine that works in a confectionery company. She gave me three big pieces of  dark chocolate. What a nice surprise!Scenes from “Chocolate”movie /with Johnny Depp/ pop up in my head in this very moment. Whoever has watched it knows what I am talking about!  So I decided to go in the kitchen and cook up something really nice 🙂

I surfed the internet for interesting recipes. I crossed upon two or three very tempting ones. I mixed them and the result was really great.

Although  it is not a good thing to eat chocolate when you are trying to loose weight, don`t forget that the dark chocolate is maybe the healthiest sweet temptation. It contains iron and is famous for its antioxidant properties. It also helps to cheer up after a hard day and is used in the anti-age therapy. So it is good for us to include it now and than in our menu.


160-170 gr. dark chocolate /5,5 -6 ounces/

3 yolks

1 2/3 tbsp. cacao

5 tbsp. strong black coffee /espresso/

200 ml. /7 ounces/ confectionery cream

Depending on the cacao percentage in the chocolate, you might want to add some brown sugar. I myself wold prefer not to.

  Preparation instructions:

Mix the cacao, the yolks and the espresso. Put them on the hot-plate. It is a good idea to heat them in water bath by using another vessel with boiling water. Stir constantly. When the yolks start to boil down, add the grated chocolate. Wait until it melts completely. The mixture should be homogeneous. After that remove it from the hot-plate and leave it cooling up.

Beat the cream well. Then add it carefully to the chocolate mixture using silicone spatula. Pour the mousse in cups and leave it in the fridge for several hours. Dust it with grated chocolate  before you serve it. The taste is very strong. Eat it in small portions 🙂

chocolate mousse

Dark chocolate mousse
Picture: Teodora

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