Feb 05

Iceberg Salad With Tuna

iceberg lettuce with tuna and olivesMy guests liked this salad very much so I decided to share it here. I found some recipes while surfing for new ideas. I just wanted to see what  the suitable ingredients for such salad would be.

Of course, I added something from me and changed a little bit the sauce according to my  taste.

 This salad is impressive, easy to prepare and is not time consuming at all. I recommend it for special family celebrations.



1  „Iceberg” lettuce

1 small can of sweet corn

1 tuna can

15-20 olives /green, black or mix of both/

½  lemon /juice/

For the sauce:

1 light mayonnaise

½ 200 gr. /7 oz/ of yogurt

½ lemon /juice/

2-3 tsp. of mustard

salt and black pepper

Preparation Instructions:

Tear the Iceberg lettuce to middle-sized pieces. Add the corn, the strained off tuna and the stone-less olives. Squeeze the juice from half a lemon. Stir the sauce ingredients together and pour on every salad portion a little.  Serve the rest of the sauce so everybody could add according to his/her taste. This sauce is also suitable for light meat. You can combine it with white wine. Enjoy!

iceberg lettuce, tuna, corn

Iceberg lettuce with tuna and corn

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