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Light Fruit Dessert

fruit dessert

Light fruit dessert

This recipe is for a light and low-calorie dessert. It is also extravagant, but not too expensive or hard to prepare. You can make it for special guests if you want to amaze them.

The original recipe is from Fiesta TV, but I changed it according to my family`s taste. I wanted to make it more practical. The result was great and incredibly delicious.

If your kids don`t prefer to eat fruits, you could serve them this special and even healthy dessert, because it contains citrus juice, rich in Vitamin C.


1 red grapefruit

healthy dessert

low-calorie dessert

10 gr. /about 1/3 oz./ of gelatine

50 gr. /about 12/3 oz./

30 ml.  /about 1 fl. oz./ white wine /sweet/

fresh spearmint leaves /at will/

1 ½  teacup of fresh orange juice


For the sauce:

100 gr. /3,5 oz./ of orange jam  /I used orange peels jam/

20 gr. / 2/3 fl. oz./ of squeezed fresh orange


Preparation instructions:

Peel the grapefruit. Put it in small bowls or cups. Mix the gelatin and the juice in another vessel and melt them in water bath. Add the honey, the wine and the cut spearmint leaves.

Mix it well and pour it in the cups with the arranged fruits in them. Leave it in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours.

When the dessert is ready take it out from the cups and add the sauce.


Just mix well the orange jam with the fresh orange juice. You might also like to add orange liqueur.

This recipe could be prepared by any kind of fruits you like – strawberries, raspberries, blueberry, peaches with various jams and juices in different combinations. Be creative! 🙂

fruit dessert

Light fruit dessert


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