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Vegetable Lasagna

vegetable lasagna Lasagna is a very delicious, but usually a high-calorie meal so we can`t afford to eat it if we try to lose weight. But wait  – is there some way to make this Italian meal a part of a healthy diet?

  Yes, if we are inventive – everything is possible. You should just replace the high-calorie pasta with something else. I will recommend you one of my successful experiments.

  The ingredients are not in strict proportions, because you could change them according to your personal taste and your backing dish`s size :). Here is what I used for my vegetable lasagna:


low-calorie vegetable lasagna

Low-calorie Home-made Lasagna

4 middle-sized eggplants

/they`d better be white/

about 200 gr. /7 ounces/of cheese or curd

grated yellow cheese or tofu

3-4 field mushrooms

thicken tomato juice

olive oil

sea salt

Preparation instructions:

 Cut the eggplants in middle-sized slices. Put some salt on them and wait for the bitter juice to drain out . Wash them and dry them using kitchen paper. Fry them in a ceramic coated pan with almost no oil.

  Put one layer of the eggplant slices in a backing dish then another one with grated yellow cheese (tofu), crumble cheese (curd), mushrooms and tomato juice. Repeat this until you finish all the ingredients. You could add some savory, salt or black pepper if you want. Then bake it until it is ready.

Vegetable Lasagnia

Vegetable Lasagna

  Why thus prepared the lasagna is healthy?

  Compared to the one prepared with pasta, the vegetable lasagna contains less calories. Although eggplants are not recommendable for people with kidney problems, they are famous for their antioxidant properties. No need to mention the incredible benefits of tomatoes that contain a lot of vitamins and even when cooked remain part of their healthy components (lycopene). The tofu and the curd are great sources of easily assimilated proteins and contain essential amino acids. Mushrooms are rich in minerals.

So don`t worry you could include this lasagna in your dietetic menu. Enjoy!

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